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Weber Alpha engine management and ignition systems


There was a time not so long ago when programmable engine management systems were the domain of works teams or professional outfits with mega budgets, but not anymore.  As computer technology has developed, costs have fallen bringing this modern engine control technology within everyones grasp.


Weber has been at the forefront of fuel and ignition system technology for years and have capitalised on their vast range or original equipment components to develop ignition only and full engine management systems of the highest quality.


The Alpha range includes


Ignition systems

Carb & Ignition kits

Full engine management systems

ignition and fuel components

Air fuel ratio meters


Almost all aftermarket systems are based on a 16 x 16 grid or map as it is usually called, of engine speed breakpoints and throttle position breakpoints. This gives 256 sites that can be programmed with precise ignition and fuelling figures. The engine control unit (ECU) is fed with information on engine speed and crank position from the crank speed sensor and from a throttle position sensor.  These two main inputs can access the correct site on the map for any load and rpm combination. In addition to the map the ECU also interpolates a further 16 sites in between the main sites to ensure a smooth transition from sites of differing values.


Alpha plus systems have two main maps, one for ignition and one for fuel, as well as throttle position and engine speed; there are also water temperature and air temperature sensors that tell the ECU what kind of conditions the engine is operating under.  These additional sensor inputs allow the ECU to control extra fuelling during starting and warm up and ensure spark and fuel values are safe if water and intake temperature become excessively high.


Finally an exhaust gas sensor (Lambda sensor) continually feeds back information to the ECU on fuel mixture.  This means that when the engine is running in closed loop mode during idle and cruise phases the ECU is actually constantly adjusting fuelling to ensure the most efficient air fuel ratio, when full throttle is applied the Lambda sensor switches to open loop to allow the ECU to provide fuelling for maximum power.


Although the basis on which engine management systems work are generally the same, Alpha are the only manufacturer that has developed a wide range of kits incorporating everything you need to install your system in one fully integrated package.





For example on the ignition only kits the Alpha engineers have developed all the brackets and adapting bosses to allow you to easily fit and time up the crank speed sensor and timing disc.  This is a critical part of any system and the accuracy of installation is paramount, by designing the adapters this complication is completely removed. On most modern engine kits such as Ford Zetec and Vauxhall XE engines the Alpha system uses the original crank speed sensor making them even easier to fit.



A further benefit of the Alpha kits is that they have all been developed, fitted and mapped by Weber for each different engine.  This means that you do not get a generic four, six or eight cylinder map that might get the engine up and running but a fully mapped ECU on which your engine will run properly.


Obviously Weber cannot provide maps for all states of tune and combinations of modifications so if your engine is not standard it may need some mapping to get the best from it.


With regard to mapping you cannot map an Alpha system yourself.  Again unlike most other system suppliers, who will happily let you have the software and state you can map it yourself on the road!!  Alpha believes that mapping is a specialist operation, which requires training and at least a rolling road to do it properly.



Westfield zetec ready for a mapping session



Consider this, to map a fuel or ignition break point you have to hold the engine revs exactly on the breakpoint and then increase the throttle position until you are on the desired break point, whilst your assistant sitting in the passenger seat with his laptop is adjusting the fuel or ignition values.  While this is happening the only way you can tell if the engine is developing any more power is whether you are having to apply more or less pressure on the brake pedal to hold the rpm, assuming the road is level of course, oh and thereís no head wind, and your still driving straight ahead. Sounds easy doesnít it?


We have yet to see a D.I.Y engine mapped on the road give anywhere near itís full potential so please think carefully before going down this route.



The same westfield in action in the WSCC speed series



A full list of all the kits available will be on the site as soon as possible as will more details on tech spec and mapping etc.


The Alpha kits come with full instructions and are easy to fit so you can do it yourself.  Of course Northampton Motorsport can install your system if you wish.


We also have experience with Omex, DTA, MBE, Emerald, Race Tech, Motec and Megasquirt systems and would be happy to map these along with Alpha systems. We are also happy to map other systems but you will need to supply software and comms leads.


Below, is a list of engine management kits available from Weber.  These kits are not simply an ECU and wiring loom, but also include all the sensors, throttle bodies, inlet manifold, linkage, filters and ignition coil plus all the other ods and sods you could possibley need. To sum up Weber Alpha provide the only complete engine management kit and as such represent unbeatable value.


Bronze Kit =  Ignition only

Silver Kit   =  Ignition kit and DCOE carburettors

Gold Kit    =  Full engine managemen

Alpha Kit List Prices
Bronze Kits
Manufacturer Engine Part Number  Notes Price
Citroen/Peugeot XU9 1.9 8v K97026 Static System, Ign Coil included £575.00
Ford Crossflow 1.7 8v K97016 Static System, Ign Coil included £575.00
  Pinto 2.0 8v K97028 Static System, Ign Coil included £575.00
  Zetec 1.8 16v (1993-98) K97017 Coil not included £395.00
  Zetec 2.0 Evo2 Silvertop (1993-98) K97017W Coil not included £395.00
  Zetec 2.0 Evo3 Blacktop (1998-2001) K97034 Coil not included £395.00
Opel/Vauxhall 2.0 XE 16v K97019 Static System, Coil not included £395.00
Volkswagen Golf 1.8 16v K97029 Static System, Ign Coil included £575.00
Silver Kits
Manufacturer Engine Part Number  Notes Price
Citroen/Peugeot XU9 1.9 8v K99009 Static System, 40 DCOE £1,495.00
Ford Pinto 2.0 8v K99021 Static System - 45 DCOE £1,495.00
  Zetec 1.8 16v (1993-98) K99006 40 DCOE - small air filters £1,495.00
  Zetec 1.8 16v (1993-98) K99007 40 DCOE - regular air filters £1,495.00
  Zetec 1.8 16v (1993-98) K99001 45 DCOE kit £1,495.00
  Zetec 2.0 Evo2 Silvertop (1993-98) K99002 45 DCOE kit £1,495.00
  Zetec 2.0 Evo3 Blacktop (1998-2001) K99025 45 DCOE kit £1,495.00
Opel/Vauxhall 2.0 XE 16v K99005 Static System - 45 DCOE £1,495.00
Volkswagen Golf 1.8 16v  K99022 Static System, Ign Coil included £1,495.00
Gold Kits
Manufacturer Engine Part Number  Notes Price
  Universal Pro4 Base kit K40000 General Electronics only kit, 4 cylinder** £799.00
  Universal Pro4 K48003 General Electronics/hardware kit, 4 cylinder** £1,479.00
Ford Crossflow 1.7 8v K99019 Static System, Alpha Multi Throttle £1,795.00
  Sigma/Zetec SE 1.6 K40044 Standard camshafts - OEM induction system £849.50
  Sigma/Zetec SE 1.6 K40047 Uprated camshafts - OEM induction system £849.50
  Sigma/Zetec SE 1.6 Pro4 K40049 Standard camshafts - Alpha Multi throttle system £1,675.00
  Zetec 1.8 130 K40023 Standard camshafts - OEM induction system £925.00
  Zetec 1.8 155 K40023M Uprated camshafts - OEM induction system £1,195.00
  Zetec 2.0 Evo2 Silvertop Pro4 K40011 Includes Alpha Multi throttle system £1,675.00
  Zetec 2.0 Evo3 Blacktop Pro4 K40016 Includes Alpha Multi throttle system £1,675.00
  Duratec 2.0 K24001 Includes Alpha Multi throttle system, 2 x Alpha Chrome filters £1,675.00
  Duratec 2.0 K24002 Includes Alpha Multi throttle system, 1 x single large foam filter £1,675.00
  Duratec 2.0 K24003 Standard camshafts - OEM induction system £1,675.00
Opel/Vauxhall VX220 K40048 Includes Alpha Multi throttle system £1,899.00
  Pro4 2.0 XE 16v K40013   £1,699.00
Volkswagen Golf 1.8 16v K Pro4 K42002   £1,785.00
** Indicates kits are universal and need calibration by an authorised Alpha Dealer.

All prices are subject to VAT at 20%

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