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Weber Carburettors



Weber Direct Replacement Carburettors

Fitting a Weber Direct Replacement Carburettor is easy. The job is done cleanly, simply, quickly and efficiently. Result? Improved reliability, better performance, and more miles per gallon.  This wide range of direct replacement carburettors has been developed by Webcon Ltd in the UK, to cover the selection of makes and models whose carburettors may have proved to be troublesome or costly to replace. They are complete kits with detailed fitting instructions suitable for D.I.Y or professional fitting.  All kits listed feature manual choke carburettors unless otherwise stated and they are all very keenly priced.

The range of applications is too big to list here, but to identify the exact replacement carburettor for your car follow the link to Webcon UK where there is a search facility on their replacement carburettors page, or just contact us and we will identify the correct conversion kit for you.

To give you some idea of prices, two of the most commonly sold kits are for the 1.6 crossflow engine 32/36 DGV  at £227.50 + VAT, and for the 2.0 ltr pinto the 38DGMS at £239.50 + VAT. Remember these carburettors come with all the necessary fittings including choke cable, hose clamps, throttle cable fittings and even a pipe joiner where the original carburettor had a water heated auto choke mechanism so they really are easy to fit.

Weber Performance Carburettors 

40 DCOE's with manifold and mounting kit 45 DCOE

As well as many of the direct replacement carburettors, Northampton Motorsport also stock 40 and 45 DCOE's and all of the parts and accessories needed to keep your Webers in top condition.  Other performance carburettors such as 48 IDA's 48 and 50 DCO/SP's are available on special order.


45 DCOE's          48 IDA

Weber Part Number Weber Model Retail Price £ excluding VAT Retail Price £ including VAT Northampton Motorsport Price £ excluding VAT Northampton Motorsport Price £ including VAT

1893008600 38 DGMS 239.50 287.40 206.00 247.20
1899003000 44 IDF/71 365.00 438.00 345.50 414.60
1895006000 40 DCNF 12


510.00 390.00 468.00
1895013800 40 IDF 70 329.00 394.80 298.00 357.60
1903001500 48 IDA 4/R 445.00 534.00 402.00 482.40
1903002100 48 IDF 7 385.00 462.00 335.00 402.00
1955017400 40 DCOE 151 345.00 414.00 295.00 354.00
1960006000 45 DCOE 152 345.00 414.00 295.00 354.00
1960006200 45 DCOE 152G 345.00 414.00 295.00 354.00
1963000700 48 DCO/SP 452.00 542.40 390.00 468.00
1965000100 50 DCO/SP 485.00 582.00 430.00 516.00
1965000200 50 DCO1/SP 485.00 582.00 430.00 516.00
1970000100 55 DCO/SP 499.00 598.80 455.00 546.00
1970000200 55 DCO1/SP 499.00 598.80 455.00 546.00
2268000500 32/36 DGV 1.6L 227.50 273.00 197.00 236.40
2268088900 32/36 DGV 2.0L 199.50 239.40 189.00 226.80

All prices exclude VAT @ 20%

Plus Carriage at £9.00 + Vat if less than 25 kilos


Carburettor Parts and Accessories

We also stock a wide range of carburettor parts including service kits, mounting kits, manifold studs, fuel unions and linkage kits to name just a few. 


We can supply UNC/UNF and metric M8 manifold studs, Nylok nuts to suit, O rings, cup washers and grommets individually or as a complete kit for 40 and 45 DCOE carburettors.  One of the most common mistakes made when installing carburettors is that they are bolted up solidly to the inlet manifold.  The purpose of the o rings and cup washers and grommets is to provide and air tight seal between the carburettor and inlet manifold, whilst allowing some movement to soak up the virbration caused by the engine. Too tight and the vibration froths up the fuel in the float chamber, too loose and air leaks will cause the engine to run lean and spit back through the carburettors.  Each time the carburettors are removed, new O rings should be used to ensure air leaks do not occur.

The O rings we use are of superior quality to a lot of the cheaper versions on the market and the rubber is much more resistant to attack from the solvents in the fuel.  As a result they last longer and work out cheaper in the long run.  Also, the cup washers and grommets are made to precise standards which means you can achieve the right amount of tension on the O ring whilst still allowing some movement to soak up the vibration. 

Another common problem with DCOE installations is the type and adjustment of the throttle linkage.  Often the linkage will either give full throttle, but will not shut to a consistent idle position, or it will shut off to idle but not give full throttle.  This is a particular problem with the old Magard style linkage. The Weber linkage on the other hand is specifically designed for the DCOE carburettor and as a result is completely adjustable to ensure correct balance and operation of the carbs from idle to full throttle.  The linkage is also very smooth, often resulting in a lighter pedal action.  The linkage is available in single and twin cable versions and also in top and bottom mount positions.  The same linkage is also available for Weber throttle bodies, again in top and bottom mounting positions.


            Under body Linkage       Top Mount Carb Linkage 


Linkage prices start from £79.50 + VAT for a top mount single cable version.


We also stock a wide range of emulsion tubes, jets, chokes and trumpets for both Weber and Dell’Orto carbs please contact us with your exact requirements


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