4 Wheel Suspension Alignment & Corner Weighting Service

Northampton Motorsport can offer a complete range of suspension alignment services from
basic measurement and adjustment to corner weighting and suspension tuning.


As vehicle design has developed modern cars tend to have larger and lower profile tyres, along with sophisticated systems such as antilock brakes, traction control and dynamic stability this means that correct alignment is critical if the vehicle is to perform correctly without adverse tyre wear or handling issues.

Although Suspension dynamics and how they affect vehicle handling and performance is a subject often covered in enthusiast’s magazines, in reality this is a specialist subject and even the sharpest person would need considerable training and some expensive equipment to get the best from their cars suspension.

Most of us have a basic understanding of what makes a car handle and assume that if everything is bolted up properly then all should be OK.

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Unfortunately, this is not so!

Even new cars are delivered from the factory with alignment problems. These problems are supposed to be picked up by the dealers with the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection), but the reality is that wheel alignment is time consuming so they often don’t bother. If your car has been involved in an accident, there is a good chance your wheel alignment is now incorrect. If the steering wheel used to be central, but now it’s not, something is bent! Speed bumps, bad road surfaces and general wear and tear on suspension components are another cause of gradual loss of correct alignment. This is often less apparent because YOU are gradually compensating for it.

Badly adjusted suspension can cause:
Accelerated tyre wear
Increased fuel consumption
Poor stability at motorway speeds 
Steering pull
Drift under acceleration and braking
Loss of grip/control during braking

Finally, if you have just fitted that new fully adjustable suspension ready for next season, do you really think a Mk 1 eye ball and a tape measure are going to get the best out of it?

How does it work?

Before any measurements and adjustments can be made the car must be on a level surface with even tyre pressures. If the floor is not completely flat this will give inaccurate corner weight information and will also affect the wheel alignment readings. The surface of our alignment bay has been excavated and then re-surfaced and is within 1mm across the whole of its surface. This means we can place the vehicle stands to accommodate different wheelbase and track dimensions with complete confidence that the car is level.

Our Hunter system uses the latest digital imaging technology to accurately measure in three dimensions the position of each wheel and the angle at which it sits on the road. The system uses four high definition camera to look at targets attached to each wheel. Once the basic measurement process has been completed the aligner software generats a complete 3D image of the vehicles wheel alignment. this means that adjustments can be made both with the vehicle on its wheels or jacked up for easy access to the suspension components, also caster adjustments can be made in real time.