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Northampton Motorsport have been working with Aston Martin specialists Chicane Classics to produce a modern engine management solution for the 585 V8 engine’d classic Aston’s Using Life Racing professional motorsport electronics.

These cars originally used a Weber Marelli engine management system with semi sequential injection, 2 distributors and external ignition amplifiers. This technology is now  over 30 years old and becoming more and more problematic. With limited spares available a new solution was required to ensure the ongoing viability of these cars.Aston Martin 585 engine

To maintain the original look under the bonnet the standard twin coils and distributors have been retained along with the original crank, camshaft and throttle position sensors. The original 4 tooth crank trigger is replaced with a 36-1 trigger which gives better resolution for the ecu to calculate engine speed and therefore spark placement

A Life Racing F88RS ECU was used with twin wide band lambda sensors continually trimming the fueling to ensure optimum performance and good economy.

2 cars have now been successfully converted to Life Racing and both cars gave a 12% improvement in mid range torque and 8% more peak power. Driveability is excellent with accurate idle control via the twin air bypass valves allowing a smooth and consistent idle at 850 rpm even when cold which reduces shunting as the transmission is shifted from park to drive.  When accelerating the throttle response is immediate with the big v8 delivering instant torque which makes this 2.8 ton car feel like a much lighter and agile car.

1989 Aston Martin V8 Coupe Aston V8LR-Sticker copy

For more information on this conversion please contact Chicane classics on 0118 932 6973