40 DCOE 18K Weber Carburettor

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40 DCOE 18K Genuine Spanish Weber Carburettor.

This Historic 40 DCOE 18K Weber Carburettor model is as supplied to the Japanese market.

Please see Jetting Calibration information below:


  • Venturi: 32mm
  • Auxiliary Venturi: 3.5
  • Main Jet: 125
  • Emulsion Tube: F11
  • Air Jet / Correction: 220
  • Idle Jet: 55 F11
  • Pump Jet: 45
  • Pump Spill: 50

We can also supply this Carburettor with custom jet settings. If this is required, please leave a note whilst placing your order or contact us after your purchase.

This is a historic version of the 40DCOE, and features the following differences to the 40DCOE151

  • Progression wells have plugs instead of screws
  • Has no idle air bypass screws
  • Has spring retained Auxiliary Venturis
  • Has no raised galleries on the top cover
  • Does not say Made in Spain on the top cover

Estimated dispatch time within 10 working days.

Picture for illustration purposes only. Actual parts may differ slightly in appearance.