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Pete Goulding turns the form book on its head

Back in 2016 we were appointed as sole tuners for the Formula Ford Mygale cars which were powered by a standard 1600 Eco Boost engine and controlled by a locked Life Racing ECU.

Since then we have been working with Pete Goulding who has been using his car in the HSA sprint championship.  Pete has heavily developed the car with much better suspension and aero and of course more power from the Ford engine.

At the last round of the 2019 British sprint championship at Anglesey Circuit, Pete managed to secure 2nd place in the championship which is a huge achievement considering he was up against V8 powered Gould’s, highly developed Dallara’s and super-light bike engined single seaters with forced induction . Pete has driven exceptionally well all season long and was leading the championship for most of the year. His 2014 Ex Formula Ford Mygale is powered by a standard 1.6 Eco Boost engine with a Pumaspeed turbo, cooled by a Pro Alloy inter cooler. All of this is controlled by a Life Racing ECU with paddle shift, launch and traction control all calibrated here at Northampton motorsport. As well as the British sprint championship rounds Pete has done lots of other events totaling 20 in all. This equates to 101 launches with only one driveshaft failure. The advanced launch control strategy limits drive by wire throttle opening during launch to ensure consistent launches with a minimum of wheel-spin. The paddle shift allows seem-less shifts both up and down the gears all perfectly timed with torque reduction and blips to maximise performance and minimise wear on the transmission. The traction control is not intrusive and the car can still be rotated on the throttle and driven hard off the corners. Rather than taking the skill away from the driver the traction control simply offers a safety net to help in tricky conditions. Congratulations Pete, we look forward to working with you next year