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We had an update from Life Racing last week letting us know what they had been working on. We have been supplying and calibrating their range of motorsport electronics for 5 years now and we are still continually blown away by the rate of development and range of strategies they can deploy. We always joked that when we call for tech support we are on “Life Support” turns out the truth is closer than you think.

Life Racing post below.

For the past month Life Racing has been assisting in providing equipment for the NHS during the Covid-19 crisis. This has been a challenging and important project to supply much needed parts that we are now manufacturing.

We were asked to join the government initiative for urgently needed medical equipment including electronics. These items include ventilators and also Oxygen Monitors for their use. Life Racing is proud to work alongside the engineers and scientists at UCL and the NHS staff at UCLH where much of this equipment is developed and tested under their expert guidance.