Bosch 412cc Injector

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This Bosch 412cc Injector is a high impedance, 12 Ohm resistance, EV6 long fuel injector. It comes with a AMP junior 2 way mini timer male connector (2-pin mini timer plug & pin kits are available separately if required). There is 60.3mm distance between o-rings with an overall length of 73mm.

They have a split spray at 20 degree separation and at 90 degrees to connector.

These Bosch 412cc Injector are suitable for:

  • 4 Cylinder engines up to 288 bhp
  • 6 Cylinder engines up to 432 bhp
  • 8 Cylinder engines up to 576 bhp

Please note: The market is flooded with copies of these specific fuel injectors. Rest assured that these injectors are Genuine Bosch.

Estimated dispatch time within 5 working days.

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