Carbon Collective Firm Detailing Brush Set

£16.62 (+VAT)


Carbon Collective Firm Bristle Detailing Brush Set has evolved from the ever-popular Ultra Soft Detailing Brush Set. Featuring rigid bristles with the same soft synthetic tips to remove stubborn bonded dirt, grime and polish residue from panel gaps, cracks & crevices.

After detailing several cars with tight panel gaps, awkward crevices and PPF edges, Carbon Collective realised there was a missing link in their detailing brush arsenal. The Firm Bristle Detailing Brushes are stiff enough to effectively clean these areas, without damaging the surface.

Perfect for detailing motorcycles, engine bays, brake calipers, suspension, wheels or surfaces which need scratch-less agitation. Each detailing brush in the set is a different size, providing access to awkward areas of the interior or bodywork that could otherwise not be cleaned.

The brushes are constructed from non-scratch materials to ensure safe dirt and grime removal on painted surfaces, wheels & plastic interior trims without scratching.

Carbon Collective Firm Detailing Brush Set Specification:

  • Non-scratch construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ultra Soft synthetic firm bristles
  • Chemical resistant
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Can be used with cleaning products
  • Interior or Exterior Surfaces

This set contains 4 Firm Bristle Detailing Brushes, allowing you to designate each brush to a task:

  • 210mm Brush
  • 220mm Brush
  • 230mm Brush
  • 240mm Brush

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