Carbon Collective Hanging Air Fresheners – The Cologne Collection

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Carbon Collectives unique range of hanging air fresheners re-define the way you think of the car air freshener. With the market currently flooded in “sweet” style scents, Carbon Collectives cologne based scents are a welcomed change.

Each scent has a tailored cologne base with varying accompanying notes. These air fresheners have been created to be long lasting, up to 3-4 weeks.

  • Amore (Pink): A sweet floral perfume with sweet fruity undertones & citrus notes
  • Acqua (Blue): A fresh cologne scent with hints of clean cotton, a non obtrusive scent which freshens the cabin
  • Bergamot (Green)
  • Oud (Red): A woody base note with hints of Vanilla & spice, this long lasting scent transforms over time. A smash hit with Carbon Collectives test panel.

The Cologne collection in the options above is a discount selection of all four scents in one package.

Estimated dispatch time within 5 working days.

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