Ford Duratec (VVT) Piper Ultimate Road Camshafts (2.5L)

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Ford Duratec Piper Ultimate Road Camshafts suitable for the 2.5 litre engines with VVT on the Inlet cam and non VVT on the exhaust cam.


  • Application: Ultimate Road
  • Duration Inlet: 296°
  • Duration Exhaust: 288°
  • Valve Inlet Lift: .460″ (11.68mm)
  • Valve Exhaust Lift: .420″ (10.67mm)
  • Timing Inlet: 23 (OPEN) BTDC 93 (CLOSE) ABDC
  • Timing Exhaust: 72 (OPEN) BBDC 37 (CLOSE) ATDC
  • Full Inlet Lift: 125°
  • Full Exhaust Lift: 107.5°
  • TDC Inlet Lift: .049″ (1.25mm)
  • TDC Exhaust Lift: .096″ (2.44mm)
  • Valve Inlet Clearance: .010″ (0.254mm)
  • Valve Exhaust Clearance: .012″ (0.305mm)

These Ford Duratec (VVT) Piper Ultimate Road Camshafts are CNC ground from new blank camshafts to standard base circle size for standard diameter tappets.

Please Note: Piper Double Valve springs & Retainers are required for use with these Duratec Piper  Ultimate Road Camshafts.

Estimated dispatch time within 5 working days.

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