Ford Sigma Ti-VCT Piper Fast Road Camshafts

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Ford Sigma Ti-VCT Piper Fast Road Camshafts suitable for the 1.6 litre, Ti-VCT Ford Sigma engines.

These engines were fitted as standard to a wide range for Fords and commonly found in the Fiesta and Focus. It was also used by Caterham, various race cars, kits cars and is found across the Motorsport world.


  • Application: Fast Road
  • Power Band: 2000-6700
  • Duration Inlet: 256°
  • Duration Exhaust: 256°
  • Valve Inlet Lift: .352″ (8.94mm)
  • Valve Exhaust Lift: .350″ (8.89mm)
  • Timing Inlet: 12 – 88
  • Timing Exhaust: 69 – 07
  • Full Inlet Lift: 140°
  • Full Exhaust Lift: 121°
  • TDC Inlet Lift: .003″ (0.08mm)
  • TDC Exhaust Lift: .009″ (0.23mm)
  • Valve Inlet Clearance: .008″ (0.20mm)
  • Valve Exhaust Clearance: .010″ (0.25mm)

Ford Sigma Ti-VCT Piper Fast Road Camshafts are CNC ground from new blank camshafts.

Please note: Remapping your stock ECU and upgrading to a performance exhaust are recommended for best results. Adjustments to the tappet shims may be required for installation.

For more information and fitting instructions, please see the Spec sheet below:

Spec Sheet


Sigma Piper Cams Spec Sheet

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