Ford Zetec (Black Top) Piper Race Camshafts

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Ford Zetec (Black Top) Piper Race Camshaft set. These camshafts are suitable for both the 1.8L 16v and 2.0L 16v Black top Zetec Engine (05/98 Onwards).

The Black Top Zetec engine was fitted to a wide range of Fords including MK1 Focus, Mk2 Mondeo and is also commonly found in various kit cars & competition cars.


  • Application: Race Camshafts
  • Power Band: 3000 – 8500
  • Duration Inlet: 288°
  • Duration Exhaust: 284°
  • Valve Inlet Lift: .460″ (11.68mm)
  • Valve Exhaust Lift: .443″ (11.25mm)
  • Timing Inlet: 40 – 68
  • Timing Exhaust: 68 – 36
  • Full Inlet Lift: 104°
  • Full Exhaust Lift: 106°
  • TDC Inlet Lift: .137 (3.48mm)
  • TDC Exhaust Lift: .137 (3.48mm)
  • Valve Inlet Clearance: .010″ (0.25mm)
  • Valve Exhaust Clearance: .012″ (0.30mm)

This Ford Zetec (Black Top) Piper Race Camshaft set has been CNC ground from a set of new blank camshafts. For more information and fitting instructions, please see the spec sheet below:

Spec Sheet


Zetec (Black Top) Spec Sheet

Please note: Zetec (Black Top) Piper Mechanical Followers and Piper 8mm Valve Shims are required for installation of this camshaft Set. The Valve Shims will require grinding to size to to perfectly set the clearance.

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