ITG JC50 65mm Sausage Air Filter

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ITG JC50 65mm Sausage Air Filter supplied with the Northampton Motorsport logo. This filter is designed for our ITG Alloy Backplates as well as our ITG Carbon Backplates and are suitable for road, race and competition use.

ITG JC50 65mm Sausage Air Filter Specification:


  • A – Internal Height: 65mm (Distance from face of baseplate and the inside face of the filter)
  • B – Width 148mm: (External width of the filter not including the lug)
  • C – Length 436mm: (External length of the filter)
  • D – Overall Height: 90mm (Overall external height of the filter)

Northampton Motorsport Sausage Air Filter

About ITG

We chose ITG Air filters to produce our air filters due to their high attention to detail, quality systems, knowledge of best design methods together with unique manufacturing techniques. All of these qualities with 30+ years’ experience ensure that our customers receive the best product. ITG Air Filters other customers’ most recent successes include F1 Drivers and Manufacturers Championship, 24hr Daytona Grand AM Championship, BTCC Drivers and Manufacturers Championship and the Japanese Super GT Champion.


The Tri-Foam System

Why foam? Because, compared to paper or other filter technologies, reticulated polyester foam achieves optimum performance against three key criteria:

  • Maximum Air Flow; the ability to allow air to pass through without causing a large drop in pressure
  • Cleaning Efficiency; the capability to arrest a high proportion of airborne dust while feeding the engine clean air
  • Dust Load-up Tolerance; the capability to absorb a large amount of dust without reducing air flow capacity


With ITG Air Filters unique Tri-Foam System, which uses various thicknesses of finer or coarser foams, these factors can be varied for different applications. Tri-foam gives ITG the flexibility to produce air filters to exact specifications and, where high flow rates are possible, can tailor filters to arrest even the slightest dust traces.

Compared to other designs, ITG filters offer many additional advantages, including a significant reduction in noise while providing more power for longer.

What’s more, because we use the very latest adhesive technologies to bond the foam layers, ITG filter assemblies are totally resistant to water, fumes, oils and fuels – including the exotic brews used in racing.

  1. Stainless steel wire mesh: To avoid erosion, ITG only use the highest quality steel
  2. Coarse outer layer: Stops large pieces of dirt and foreign matter from penetrating further. Straightens air flow into sub sequent layers
  3. Medium grade mid layer: Serious filtration layer traps most of the harmful dirt that leads to engine failure
  4. Fine inner layer: Extracts all the fine partide but still allows full air flow to the engine for maximum power

ITG Air Filter Construction Tri Foam System

Why Choose ITG Filters?

ITG air filters are priced at the higher end of the market in comparison to other air filters. We get asked frequently, are they worth the extra money? Below is some feedback from our workshop technicians who install these filters on a daily basis.

Ease of fitting: Other Air filters require the filter to be clipped into the bottom of the base plate at a 45 degree angle. This can make installation incredibly difficult in tight engine bays especially if you have long air horns. ITG air filters have a recess cut from the bottom of the baseplate to reduce the fitting angle and make the air filter easier to manoeuvre over the air horns.

Air Filter Clips: The clips which join the air filter to the base plate are pre-installed to the air filter. This enables a straight forward fit without the retailing clips constantly falling out. The clips also have large D shaped clips (to make them easy to handle). They also have a recess to allow you to tighten then with a screw driver.

Neither of these points may sound like a big deal but combined with the build quality and Tri-Foam system, these air filters really outperform the competition.

Fitting Advice / Instructions

Selection of the filter element depends on the amount of room available. ITG recommend fitting the tallest element possible, though a gap of 1/2” (13mm) average must be left over the top of the filter for air to circulate. If using ram pipes, there must be an absolute minimum gap of 3 /4” (19mm) or preferably 11 /4” (32mm) between the end of the pipe and the underside of the top of the filter.

For more advice and in depth fitting instructions, please see see the Specification Sheet below:


JC50 Specification Sheet

Estimated dispatch time within 3 working days.

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