Jaguar E Type Weber 45 DCOE Carburettor Kit

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Weber 45 DCOE Performance Carburettor kit suitable for the 3.8L and 4.2L XK engines as found in the Jaguar E Type.

This kit consists of:

  • 3 x Authentic Spanish Weber 45 DCOE 152G carburettors (4 progression hole)
  • 1 x Inlet manifold & fittings
    • Top water temp sender 5/8 UNF
    • Coolant rear 3/8 BSB
    • Servo rear 1/2 BSP
  • 1 x Rod linkage set
  • 1 x Fitting kit (Soft mounts, studs, nuts etc…)
  • 1 x Weber tuning manual

The carburettors are superbly jetted to offer a truly Turnkey package on stock motors delivering great power, torque without excessive fuel consumption. The use of 4 progression holes ensures that the transition from idle is smooth and flat spot free. For higher states of tune and to achieve maximum power, driveability and efficiency, we recommend that you have the carburettors professionally set up on a rolling road. This is a service we can offer on our in house Superflow AD30 2 wheel drive chassis dyno. Please Contact Us for more information.

Please note; If this kit is fitted in anything other than a S3 4.2 E type, its common that the OEM thermostat housing will not fit the new manifold.  In those cases, a replacement thermostat housing will be needed which is available separately (Part number 9990320300).

The length of the manifold and carburettor assembly is 235mm excluding the airhorns. The airhorns supplied with the kit are 62mm giving an overall length of 297mm. If this is too long for your application, alternative airhorns lengths are available as follows:

Air Horn / Overall length:
16mm / 251mm
26mm / 261mm
39mm /274mm
55mm / 290mm

If you would like the airhorns changed, please lease a note stating your requirements whilst placing your order.

Estimated dispatch time within 10 working days.

Picture for illustration purposes only. Actual parts may differ slightly in appearance.