Emerald is a specialist automotive electronics company based in Watton, Norfolk just down the road from Snetterton race circuit and Lotus’ HQ in Hethel.  They design, develop and manufacture the stand-alone Emerald engine management systems.

At the heart of the company is the combined passion, experience and ingenuity of its two founders; Dave Walker and Karl Paton who created the first ever Emerald ECU over 17 years ago.  Like it’s engine management systems, Emerald has evolved over the years but always kept hold of its core values; To provide user-friendly, capable and reliable engine management systems with 1st-class back-up and technical assistance whilst at the same time not costing the earth!

Emerald engine management systems are capable of handling full 3D mapping of both ignition and injection on most normally aspirated and turbo engines – from classics through to the latest engine designs.  Work is always ongoing to add more features and functionality to cater for their ever-growing diversity of engines and customer requirements.

Emerald systems are both straight-forward and logical to use and many of the “big” features found in competitor systems are included as standard in Emerald’s ECU’s.