Ford Sigma Ti-VCT Piper Ultimate Road Camshafts

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Ford Sigma Ti-VCT Piper Ultimate Road Camshafts suitable for the 1.6 litre, Ti-VCT Ford Sigma engines.

These engines were fitted as standard to a wide range for Fords and commonly found in the Fiesta and Focus. It was also used by Caterham, various race cars, kits cars and is found across the Motorsport world.


  • Application: Ultimate Road
  • Power Band: 2000-7200
  • Duration Inlet: 268°
  • Duration Exhaust: 256°
  • Valve Inlet Lift: .386″ (9.80mm)
  • Valve Exhaust Lift: .370″ (9.40mm)
  • Timing Inlet: 06 – 94
  • Timing Exhaust: 69 – 07
  • Full Inlet Lift: 140°
  • Full Exhaust Lift: 121°
  • TDC Inlet Lift: .003″ (0.08mm)
  • TDC Exhaust Lift: .012″ (0.30mm)
  • Valve Inlet Clearance: .008″ (0.20mm)
  • Valve Exhaust Clearance: .010″ (0.25mm)

Ford Sigma Ti-VCT Piper Ultimate Road Camshafts are CNC ground from new blank camshafts.

Please note: Remapping your stock ECU and Uprated Valve Springs & Retainers are required with this cam profile. Additional machining to the tappet bore is also required to allow the camshafts to rotate along with adjustments to the tappet shims.

For more information and fitting instructions, please see the Spec sheet below:

Spec Sheet


Sigma Piper Cams Spec Sheet

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