Porsche 911 Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body Kit (3-Bolt / 41mm)

From: £4,325.35 (+VAT)

Heritage Throttle Body Kit from Jenvey Dynamics suitable for 3.6L and 3.8L, 3-bolt Porsche 911 engines with a 41mm port size.

This kit consists of:

  • Jenvey Inlet manifolds with all required fixings
  • Jenvey Heritage 45mm throttle bodies
  • Jenvey Air horns
  • Jenvey Built in fuel rail
  • Jenvey Throttle linkage
  • Jenvey Throttle Position Sensor
  • Jenvey 350cc Fuel Injectors

Porsche Air cooled Heritage kits are a natural progression to the exceptionally successful DCOE Heritage Throttle bodies. They boast all the plus points associated with Individual Throttle Bodies (ITBs) kits, yet manage to marry these with the subtle, understated looks of a period carburettor induction set-up – ensuring that it won’t look out of place in the engine bays of classic and retro vehicles.

Configure your Throttle Bodies:

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Porsche 911 Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body Kit (3-Bolt / 41mm).

The advantages of modern, electronic fuel injected intake systems are simply too hard (and too numerous) to ignore, with some of the key facets being a reliable, unbroken flow of air, extremely accurate control via advanced standalone ECUs, easy starting in all seasons, and of course, more power and economy. The sole downside on a classic installation, up until now, has always been the aesthetic – something that the Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body solves with its retrospective exterior design and exquisite engineering.

Technical Drawings


Inlet Manifold Technical Drawing


Throttle Bodies Technical Drawing

This Porsche 911 Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body kit is assembled to order and the lead time can vary. Estimated dispatch time within 10 working days.

Picture for illustration purposes only. Actual parts may differ slightly in appearance.