Toyota 2JZ VVTi ECUMaster Harness Adaptor

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Toyota 2Jz VVTi ECUMaster Harness Adaptor suitable for suitable for the Toyota 2JZ-VVTi engines. This harness adaptor allows you to connect the ECUMaster EMU Black engine management system and comes with full installation instructions.

Important Information: This 2JZ VVTi ECUMaster Harness Adaptor does NOT support the Toyota BEAN network (used for gauge cluster and HVAC in models like the IS300/GS300), so this adaptor is primarily aimed at customers swapping VVTi engines into other chassis. Support was not added for the stock sequential turbo system, so if you wish to retain the OEM turbos then they’ll need to be converted to true twin operation. This adaptor supports the factory drive by wire throttle and the Mass Airflow sensor is no longer needed. An air temperature sensor should be added. Factory camshaft and crankshaft sensors are supported, along with the factory coolant temperature sensor, throttle body, and more.

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