Webcon External Idle Motor (With Housing)

£65.41 (+VAT)


The Webcon External Idle Motor is an OEM quality idle stepper that is compatible with all major aftermarket Engine Management systems. It can be remotely mounted to provide a reliable ECU controlled idle solution. This Webcon External Idle Motor comes with an external housing which allows easy hose fitment.

Wiring information

Set-up: The windings are brought out to pins 1&4 for the 2 ends of the first winding and 2&3 for the second winding – each 55 ohms.

Polarity is best determined with trial and error. If it moves the wrong way either swap pins 1&4 or swap 2&3 with each other.

Estimated dispatch time within 3 working days.

Picture for illustration purposes only. Actual parts may differ slightly in appearance.