Webcon Synchrometer (1-30 Kgh)

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General purpose Synchrometer from Webcon measuring from 1-30 Kgh suitable for most applications using 40 & 45 DCOE as well as 40 & 44 IDF Carburettors. This synchometer can measure high airflows without causing an obstruction and affecture mixture strength.

The Webcon Synchrometer allows for very accurate measurement of airflow through a carburettor or throttle body. Precise adjustments can then be made to synchronise airflow on multi barrel applications and to secondary barrel idle settings on progressive twin choke carburettors.

For higher performance applications using 48mm and above carburettors or throttle bodies, please see our other listing for the Webcon 2 – 30 Kgh Synchrometer (part number 9800099900).

Please note; when using this Synchrometer with Weber 40 DCOEs and space beyond the air horns is restricted, a 90 degree elbow adaptor (9800100600) is required. For 45 DCOE Carburettors, a 32mm to 55mm Conical adaptor (9800102600) is also required.

User Manual & Adaptor Application


Weber Syncrometer User Manual

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