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Northampton Motorsport can supply a range of professional motorsport electronics to allow you to control, monitor and analyse all aspects of your vehicles performance.

We are dealers for Life Racing professional Motorsport Electronics, Omex Technology, ECUMaster plus many others. This enables us to provide management and display solutions to suit all technical requirements and budgets.

Life Racing

Since the year 2000 Life racing have been providing high level engine management solutions for Le-Mans, WRC, BTCC WTC and GT racing.

Working in conjunction with their sister company Advanced Engine Research they have developed strategies to control the most complex turbocharged intake restricted engines running at the edge of their performance envelope.

Multi cylinder V engines, quad VVT, twin drive by wire, direct injection, closed loop lambda and  knock control are the norm for Life Racing so whatever your engine configuration we can control it with a Life Racing ECU.

As well as engine control Life racing ECU’s can seamlessly run paddle shift and differential control and if connected to a Life Racing power distribution module and D5 dash can provide a complete vehicle control and information solution.  

Life Racing have a range of ECU’s to suit all needs so you can take advantage of all the same processing power and control strategies even if you are on a budget.

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Life Racing Motorsport Electronics Achievements include:

M-Sport R2 Rally Programme – Complete Electronic Control Systems (2015)
Indy Lights – Engine ECU & Wiring (2015)
CAMS Australian FIA Formula 4 – Engine ECU & Data Logging System (2015)
Spanish F4 Championship – Engine ECU & Data Logging System (2015)
MSA Formula – Engine ECU & Data Logging System (2015)
EURO 6 Category M Type Approval (2014)
LMP1 AER P60 – Engine Development (2014)
ALMS AER P90 – Engine Development (2013)
Formula Ford EcoBoost 200 – Engine ECU & Wiring (2013)
GP3 Series – Engine Wiring Design & Manufacture (2013)
M-Sport R5 Rally Programme – Complete Electronic Control Systems (2013)
Assisted Development Of Future F1 Engine Technology Programme (2012)
EURO 5 Category M Type Approval (2012)
MIL SPEC’ Power Distribution Units (2012)
Nissan DeltaWing – Engine Control System (2012)
Record Breaking Ford Fox 1.0L EcoBoost Road Car (2012)

The Life racing range of ECU’s can cater for all current known engine trigger patterns and with a fully software configurable I/O set up they are extremely versatile. For this reason we suggest that you supply us with your engine details and wish list of features and we can then spec the correct ECU to suit your needs. We can install, map and configure the ECU and can offer track support for optimisation of launch and traction functions.

Omex Technology

For over a decade Omex Technology Systems have been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality electronic units mainly to the fast road, kit car and motorsport markets.  From simple rev limiters to full engine management, Omex can offer a solution to suit any vehicle whether it be ignition control or full engine management.

Northampton Motorsport have been fitting and tuning Omex products for over 10 years and we find the functionality, features and ease of mapping second to none.  We have carried out numerous road and competition car conversions using Omex and the reliability and performance has been fantastic.

The mapping software is intuitive and easy to use which allows most engines to be fully mapped within 3 to 4 hours of dyno time, which saves the customer money in the long run over other cheaper systems that are more fussy to map.  The software can be downloaded along with operation and installation manuals direct from Omex which means that if you are self- installing you can get your engine up and running at home and carry out basic set up yourself.  We do strongly recommend however, that any serious tuning takes place in the controlled environment of the dyno cell to ensure the best results are obtained.

Omex offer a range of engine management kits for current popular engines including

Ford – Zetec, Duratec and Sigma
Peugeot – MI16
GM / Vauxhall – LS3 single throttle & C20XE

A full range of accessories is also available such as sensors, coil packs shift lights, idle control motors, injectors and throttle bodies. Northampton Motorsport can offer a complete drive in drive out service or we can supply parts and support you if you want to self install.

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ECUMaster was founded in 2009 and is the fastest growing engine management manufacturer in the tuning and motorsport market. Their products are successfully used by teams competing in many different forms of motorsports, such as drifting, drag racing, rally and circuit racing.

ECUMaster’s goal is to design and manufacture the best equipment possible whilst maintaining excellent value and ensuring that the products are versatile and user friendly. The level of quality and available tuning strategies, together with competitive pricing, make ECUMaster products a very attractive package.

In order to maintain high product quality and close control at all stages of production and development, all manufacturing is done in-house. Every possible effort is made to ensure that ECUMaster products meet the highest quality standards and also the high expectations of our customers.

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ECUMaster Motorsport Electronics from Northampton Motorsport