Carburettor Sales And Servicing

Northampton Motorsport has been supplying, servicing and calibrating carburettors for over 20 years and can help you with all your carburettor requirements.

Weber Direct Replacement Carburettors

Fitting a Weber Direct Replacement Carburettor is easy. The job is done cleanly, simply, quickly and efficiently. Result? Improved reliability, better performance, and more miles per gallon. This wide range of direct replacement carburettors has been developed by Webcon Ltd in the UK, to cover the selection of makes and models whose carburettors may have proved to be troublesome or costly to replace.

They are complete kits with detailed fitting instructions suitable for D.I.Y or professional fitting. All kits listed feature manual choke carburettors unless otherwise stated and they are all very keenly priced.

The range of applications is too big to list here, but to identify the exact replacement carburettor for your car follow the link to the Webcon replacement carb pdf where you can identify the right carb for your engine.

Weber performance carburettors

For decades Weber carburettors have been synonymous with classic sports cars and have been fitted to marques as diverse as Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, BMW, Chrysler, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Lamborghini, Lancia, Lotus, Maserati, Morgan, Porsche, Renault, Triumph and Volkswagen.

The full range of genuine DCOE, DCNF, IDF and IDA carbs are available from Northampton Motorsport either individually or as a Weber performance kit for many popular classic engines. These performance kits include manifolds, linkages, and fittings plus of course the carburettors themselves to allow a complete installation.

Northampton Motorsport also stock a huge range of accessories and calibrated parts and along with our years of experience can to help ensure your installation goes smoothly and to complete the job  can calibrate your carburettors on our rolling road.

Weber Performance Carburettors

As well as many of the direct replacement carburettors, Northampton Motorsport also stock 40 and 45 DCOE’s plus many others. All sold at very competitive prices along with all
of the parts and accessories needed to keep your Webers in top condition. 
Other performance carburettors such as 48 IDA’s 48 and 50 DCO/SP’s are available on special order.

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Carburettor Restoration

As well as supplying new carburettors we can also refurbish your original carburettors.  Our refurbishment process includes fully stripping you carburettor, inspecting all the individual parts, a 3 stage chemical cleaning process which removes all corrosion or blockages both externally and internally and then rebuild using a service kit and new parts where required.

We can arrange for re-plating of steel parts such as levers and linkages and can even assemble your carbs back onto your inlet manifold ready for fitting back onto your engine

Calibrated parts and accessories

Northampton Motorsport stock a huge range of calibrated parts for Weber, DellOrto and SU carbs plus we can supply Linkages, air horns, air boxes, filters and mountings.  We also stock fuel pumps, pressure regulators fuel hose and unions. Basically everything you need to get your installation sorted and running properly.