Servicing & Repairs

As well as our tuning and preparation services, Northampton Motorsport can also carry out
general Servicing and Repairs and even arrange your MOT for you.

All Makes Servicing

Our unique Service Select all makes service programme means that we can cater for all cars with a simple “no hidden extras” format where you can see the content and the price up front.

By closely examining a wide range of popular car manufacturers service schedules we have developed three levels of service that will ensure your car stays safe and reliable whatever your annual mileage. All prices include parts, labour and VAT. All services include a full detailed service check sheet and defect report.

Unlike many garages where service levels are broken down into small medium and large categories where there is no indication of what’s really included, Northampton Motorsport have a detailed service schedule outlined below that lets you see exactly what is covered in each service level.

Three Key Service Levels

Select 1 service £160
Select 2 service £240
Select 3 service £335

You can rest assured that your car is in safe hands at Northampton Motorsport. And it is our policy not to carry out any additional work without gaining your authorisation first.


Labour, parts, lubricants, consumables and VAT Price may vary by up to 10% for engines with 6 or more cylinders. The parts used will be from the most competitive supplier and not necessarily from the vehicle manufacturer. * An additional charge may be made for vehicles with platinum spark plugs.

This is what we do123
Note any damage to Upholstery / body
Check operation of all lights
Check condition of wiper blades
Test screen wash operation, adjust & top up
Visually inspect cooling system for leaks & test antifreeze strength
Inspect condition of alternator, power steering & air con drive belts
Top up brake fluid level
Top up battery electrolyte level
Top up power steering fluid level
Replace oil filter
Drain & refill oil level
Visual inspection of front brake pads
Torque wheel nuts
Inspect tyres and set tyre pressures
Assess brake, steering and suspension performance on road test
Check for abnormal noise on road test
Check operation of heating system
Check condition and operation of seat belts
Check operation of instruments
Inspect brake hoses and pipes
Inspect suspension mountings
Inspect shock absorbers
Inspect Driveshaft's, CV joints and gaiter's
Inspect track rod ends
Examine condition of exhaust hangers
Check emissions
Refit road wheels (rotate if req)
Assess general engine performance and noise levels on road test
Check operation of clutch (if applicable)
Check operation of auto box if fitted
Check steering for stability, pull or wander
Provide defect report
Replace spark plugs*
Check horn operation
Check heated rear screen
Lubricate all door locks and hinges
Check central locking / windows / sunroof / mirrors etc
Pressure test cooling system
Lubricate linkages and cables etc
Check prop shaft and uj's if applicable
Inspect fuel tank and lines for leaks
Inspect for under body corrosion
Check steering rack for play / leaks
Check power steering hoses and pump
Inspect brake linings front and rear
Check wheel bearings and ball joints
Top up gearbox oil level
Lubricate back plate slide points and hand brake levers etc
Ensure brake calliper operation is normal
Top up diff oil level
Replace air filter
Replace fuel filte
Replace brake fluid