Carbon Collective Platinum Trim Ceramic Coating (2.0)

£33.29 (+VAT)


Carbon Collectives Platinum Trim Ceramic Coating is a revolutionary coating designed to restore and protect plastics and exterior trim. Re-formulated for 2022, the new and improved formula creates a stronger chemical bond to the surface, increasing durability and improving the ease of application.

Unlike traditional trim dressings, Platinum Trim Coating actually works, adhering itself to the surface whilst restoring and protecting old faded plastics in one easy step.

Platinum Trim is designed to leave an enhanced OEM level, satin finish on interior and exterior plastics. The coating provides a 3H barrier durable for 2 years on a single application, protecting from UV rays, discolouration, chemicals & contaminants.

Carbon Collectives Trim coating can also be used on brand new plastics as a protective layer to prevent fading & staining. Unlike conventional silicone products, this ceramic coating cure dry to the touch, repelling dust and dirt rather than attracting it.

For best results, please ensure that old dressings or contaminants are removed by cleaning, before application.

Safe to be used on the following finishes:

  • New plastics
  • Old plastics
  • Piano-black trim
  • Interior trim
  • Exterior trim
  • Engine bay plastics
  • Textured bumpers and arches


  • OEM level satin finish
  • Restores trim to ‘as new’
  • Non-Greasy Finish
  • UV protection
  • Prevents fading
  • Hydrophobic
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Higher active content
  • Wipe on, wipe off application
  • Deepens colour & enhances the finish of plastics

Durability & Scratch Resistance

  • 3H Hardness
  • Durable for a minimum of 2 years
  • More durable & longer lasting than silicone dressings
  • High chemical resistance

What’s in the box?

  • 30ml Bottle of Platinum Trim Ceramic Coating
  • Foil Packaging with Instructions
  • 4 x 75mm Microfibre Applicators

Estimated dispatch time within 5 working days.

Picture for illustration purposes only. Actual parts may differ slightly in appearance.