ECUMaster ADU5 Flush Mount (Rev 2)

£59.90 (+VAT)


ECUMaster ADU5 Flush Mount (Rev 2) suitable for use with the ADU5.

This Flush Mount is made from a durable and flexible ABS which is easy to cut to the required shape as your build may not always be the straight OEM binnacle shape. It can also be heated with a heat gun to ensure a snug fit and can be painted, bonded and modified to suit your project.

External dimensions are 500mm x 200mm.

Please note: This ECUMaster ADU5 Flush Mount is only suitable for the 5″ ADU. If you have the 7″ ADU, please see our other listing for the ECUMaster ADU7 Flush Mount (Rev 2).

Estimated dispatch time within 3 working days.

Picture for illustration purposes only. Actual parts may differ slightly in appearance.