ECUMaster DET3 (Digital ECU Tuner 3)

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The Digital ECU Tuner 3 from ECUMaster is a very popular piggyback tuning device used across Europe. The DET3 is probably the most capable piggyback tuning device for its size and is incredibly versatile, user friendly and powerful.

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For most applications, the ECUMaster DET3 allows for the removal of an airflow meter, can drive up to 4 injectors in batch fire and Ignition timing can be adjusted via 16×16 tables. The parametric output channels can be configured to control boost with the use of a boost control solenoid, nitrous activation, water or methanol injection control, etc. Launch control and map switching are also among the advanced features available to the end user. In “Fuel Implant” mode, the DET3 operates much like a standalone ECU, calculating fuel requirements based on RPM, IAT, CLT, TPS and even O2 feedback.

Digital ECU Tuner 3 is used to modify signals from sensors to ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Thanks to this function, it is possible to modify such engine parameters as the fuel dose, ignition angle, boost controlling or extra injectors. Additionally, some of the device’s functions help to tune the car thanks to the advanced datalogger and the road dyno, which can measure the power and the vehicle’s torque in the real conditions (a car driving on the road).

ECUMaster DET3 Key Features:

  • Easy to install and tune
  • Fuel Implant operation mode (fuelling standalone)
  • Works with gasoline and common rail diesel engines
  • Client software compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

Available with or without an inbuilt 4-bar MAP sensor. Please make your selection in the option above.


  • 4 Independent tables 16 x 16 (fuel table, two PWM tables, ignition table)
  • 8 Correction tables 16 x 1
  • 2 Independently switching table sets
  • Option to modify a single analogue signal
  • 4 Analogue inputs
  • Built in Data Flash, which enables the signals to log in without plugging in the laptop
  • Measurement of the power supply voltage
  • Option to modify a signal from the frequency based MAP and MAF sensors (in range of 17Hz-4kHz)
  • Supporting the ignition signal with using: variable reluctant sensors, Hall’s, optical sensors and signals, which control the ignition module. The device services both the single ended and differential signals
  • Support of many ignition types: 60-2, 36-2, 36-1, 18-1-18-1, EDIS, Multitooth, Ignition Modules, Subaru
  • GT, Honda D Series
  • Option of boost control using 3 way solenoid valves
  • Servicing of 4 high-Z injectors (batch fire system)
  • Option for a direct modification of the injection time for the batch fire systems
  • ON/ OFF type parametric output
  • Automatic conversion from MAP to MAF using auto learning system
  • Launch control
  • Road dyno
  • Option to calibrate any analogue sensors, which enables the analogue values to be displayed in their real values (for example, a signal from MAP sensor in bars, a signal from a WBO meter as AFR etc)
  • Option for a free firmware upgrade (new ignition modes, additional functions)
  • USB communication port

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Digital ECU Tuner Wiring Diagram


Digital ECU Tuner User Manual

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