ECUMaster Analogue to CAN Device

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The ECUMaster Analogue to CAN Device (manufactured by ECUMaster UK) is a highly versatile tool perfect for expanding inputs in a variety of projects. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with any device while sending 16-bit frames of analogue values. Additionally, it boasts 8-bit frame compatibility specifically for use with EMU Black, eliminating the need for any multipliers or dividers on setup. There are two options for ID dip switch selectable; Endianness are also a dip switch selectable. Together with the baud rate.

ECUMaster BLACK analogues can be received as Can Switchboard Messages or on alternative ID for custom-defined setup.

For added user convenience, it includes one input with a 100-ohm pull-up dedicated to fuel level sender connection, another with 330 ohms for optimal resolution in high temperatures (such as oil temperature sensor), and four with a typical 2200 ohm resistance for temperature sensing. The pull-up inputs can also be easily utilized for switch connections by connecting the switch to the ground.

Its compact size and high-quality JAE connectors make installation a breeze. We recommend using the same crimping tool as for Superseal 1.0 terminals for optimal results.

The The ECUMaster Analogue to CAN Device comes supplied with mating connectors and a set of terminals.

User Manual


Analogue to CAN Device User manual

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