Millers Extra Cool (Corrosion Inhibitor & Coolant Enhancer) 250ml

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Millers Extra Cool is a corrosion inhibitor and coolant enhancer concentrate, designed to be added to coolant to help maintain flow and reduce deposit formation in radiators, and reduce coolant temperature by up to 15°C. It provides powerful corrosion protection for all metals found in engines and reduces engine operating temperatures.

For full details on performance profiles and specifications please refer to the description and technical data sheets found below:


Millers Extra Cool engine coolant enhancer and corrosion inhibitor additive.


  • Coolant additive that reduces engine operating temperatures and provides corrosion protection
  • Especially suited to classic and modern motorsport applications where cooling efficiency is reduced and where maximum heat transfer is required
  • Formulated for motorsport engines that are not allowed to run conventional coolant/antifreeze Mixes with all good quality antifreezes

Dosage Rate

1 x 250ml Millers Extra Cool bottle treats 10L of water

Typical characteristics

  • Specific Gravity a 20°C: 1.172
  • Colour: Pale Yellow

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces coolant temperature by up to 15°C
  • Provides powerful corrosion protection for all metals found in engines
  • Reduces foaming and cavitation
  • Prevents hot spots in the cooling system
  • Reduces engine damage from prolonged high temperature running

Technical Data Sheet


Extra Cool Technical Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Extra Cool Safety Sheet

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