Syvecs GDI12 GDI Driver

£900.00 (+VAT)

The Syvecs 12 Channel GDI Driver allows 12 GDI Injectors to be driven all from one box. This GDI driver has been designed to work with all GDI Solenoid injectors including parts from VAG Group, Ford, GM and Bosch. Updatable Software can be flashed to the Unit via a USB in the field but best done at build-time as the units are IP67 sealed at shipping.


Syvecs GDI Driver has been designed to work with all types of Engine Management system. The input stage of the driver for each GDI Injector output can receive either IGBT (Pull to Ground) or TTL (5v).

All of this is packaged in a lightweight CNC billet aluminium case with a waterproof 35way AMP Connector. Automotive spec -40C to 125C

Default Configuration = 10Amps Boost @ 65v, 6Amps Peak, 4Amps Hold. Maximum available current 20Amps

Adjustment of any of the following parameter can be done to suit any Solenoid Injector:

  • Current threshold in Boost Phase
  • Peak Current threshold in Peak Phase
  • Hold Current threshold in Hold Phase
  • Fixed time for high side switch off in Peak phase
  • Fixed time for end of Peak phase
  • Bypass Fixed time for Bypass phase
  • Fixed time for high side switch off in Hold phase
  • Fixed time for end of Hold Phase (timeout)

User Manual


GDI12 Manual

Here at Northampton Motorsport, we also offer a full wiring and fitting service as well as engine calibration on our in house Superflow AD30 2 wheel drive chassis dyno. For more information, please contact us and a member of our team would be happy to assist with your enquiry:

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All ECU’s are configured to order so the lead times can vary. Estimated dispatch time within 10 working days.

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