Syvecs Lam2CAN Lambda Controller

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The Syvecs Lam2CAN is an 8 Channel Laboratory Grade NTK Lambda sensor interface with comprehensive onboard fault logic. It also includes dual dedicated exhaust pressure sensor inputs enabling compensation for the effects of exhaust pressure on the lambda measurement. Data from the Lam2CAN is then transmitted via CAN to provide fast and accurate data to engine control units and external dataloggers.


Eight PWM outputs are included within the Lam2CAN. These are user configurable via the Syvecs SCAL software to be setup for Lambda heaters or used for a Custom PWM strategy.

Two analogue inputs are also onboard which can be linearised for any type of pressure sensor and assigned to either bank of the exhaust manifold. It is also possible to send this sensor data to your engine controller via CAN increasing system I/O.

A single CAN-Bus interface is present on the Lam2Can which transmits known data used by many ECU manufactures. It is also fully adjustable by end users in the Syvecs Scal Software forĀ  Transmitting and Receiving any data sets.


Extensive electrical and calibration work was done during the creation of the Syvecs Lam2Can in a laboratory to ensure a reliable, repeatable set of data is provided from each circuit. Only the best components were used in the PCB to provide an extremely high level of accuracy. Over 400 tests were done at different oxygen levels, temperatures, pressures and voltages to ensure the data we provide is perfect.

Syvecs Lam2CAN Specification:


  • 8 x Lambda Heater Outputs – 10Amp Peak (100ms) / 6Amp Continuous
  • 1 x 5V Sensor Supply (400ma Max)


  • 2 x Analogue Exhaust Pressure Sensor inputs (0-5V)


  • USB C For Updates and Configuration
  • 1 x CAN 2.0B, fully user programmable

Power Supply

  • 6 to 26V ignition switched supply


  • 34 Way AMP Superseal connector


  • High-quality anodised CNC aluminium body and military spec wiring
  • (Tyco Spec44) ensures a rigorous and long-term use.

Installation Manual

Lam2CAN User Manual v1.1

Estimated dispatch time within 5 working days.

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