Syvecs X20L Expander

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The Syvecs X20 Expander has been specifically designed to offer an additional 20 Inputs and outputs allowing customers to maximises other strategies on the range of Syvecs Engine Control Units. By adding an expansion unit, it allows more sensors and parameters to be logged via Datalogging . CAN Interfaces provide communication to ECU’s or Displays.

Included with the Expander is a comprehensive connector kit which includes the plug & pins ready for installation.

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The Syvecs X20L expander is a very powerful device for controlling additional I/O (Inputs and Outputs) in an automotive electrical installation. With the use of two CAN controllers, the X20L communicates with master devices to behave as a slave for it, offering the entire I/O compliment to its master device.  All of the Syvecs ECU’s (engine control units) will communicate with the X20L with just the use of 2 wires and we have also incorporated logic to allow other manufactures to be able to work with the X20L as well.

8 of the outputs on the X20L are designed to be driven to a high load or low load, making them extremely flexible in what they can offer. These h-bridge outputs can be paired to control external DC motors which are used in drive by wire applications or many other automotive applications.

12 low-side outputs which drive the outputs to ground are also useful for driving solenoids, relays and external devices. These outputs also have the ability to have internal pull-up and fly-back diodes set.

4 DAC (digital-to-analogue) outputs are also present on the that convert a binary input number into an analogue voltage output. These outputs are useful for sending out a voltage to external device to mirror a sensor signal for example.

While the X20L has 20 inputs not all of them share the same capabilities. 12 of the inputs (AS Inputs) are fully flexible and support frequency detection, SENT decoding, Thermistor (internal 3k pull up) and bipolar operation which means the voltage is monitored above and below the reference ground for use with VR Sensors. The remaining 8 inputs are standard 0-5v ADC inputs.

To finish off the serious I/O compliment that the X20L offers, are 2 x NTK Lambda sensor circuits which allow a sensor to be connected directly and output the oxygen ratio via CAN to the master device.

Syvecs X20L Expander Specification:


  • 8 Half Bridge Outputs (Support: Full Bridges, Lowside or HighSide Drive)
    • (15Amp Peak (100ms) 8Amp Continuous)
  • 12 Low Side Outputs
    • (12Amp Peak (100ms) 6Amp Continuous)
  • 4 DAC Outputs (-5v to 5v)


  • 12 Flexible Inputs supporting frequency, Sent, thermistor, bipolar
  • 8 ADC Voltage inputs
  • 2 NTK Lambda Inputs


  • USB For Updates and Configuration
  • 2 x CAN 2.0B interface for communication with other controllers or logging systems
  • 1 x Kline Interface

Power Supply

  • 6 to 26V input voltage range
  • Ignition Switch Logic with high current supply


  • IP67 Sealed in Automotive Spec -40c to 125c
  • 2 x 34 way Superseal 1.0 connectors
  • 150mm x 150mm

Installation Manual


X20L Expander Installation Manual

Here at Northampton Motorsport, we also offer a full wiring and fitting service as well as engine calibration on our in house Superflow AD30 2 wheel drive chassis dyno. For more information, please contact us and a member of our team would be happy to assist with your enquiry:

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