Triumph TR6 Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body Kit

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This Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body Kit has been designed for use with the Triumph TR6 engine.

For more information, please see the description below the throttle body configuration.

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The Triumph TR6 Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body Kit has been designed to significantly improve throttle response and reliability of your engine whilst producing more power and better fuel economy.

This kit consists of:

  • Jenvey cast DCOE inlet manifold with all required fixings
  • Jenvey heritage 45mm twin throttle bodies (x3)
  • Jenvey CLS3 linkage kit
  • Jenvey built in fuel rails
  • Jenvey built in throttle position sensor
  • Jenvey / Bosch 350cc injectors (alternative sizes upon request)
  • Jenvey 40mm air horns (x6)

The Triumph TR6 Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body kit is enhanced by careful positioning of the EFI fuel injectors being located further upstream than standard and directly in the part throttle turbulence of the butterfly.  This allows increased time/distance for improved fuel mixing increasing torque and power where its needed. Jenveys spindles are profiled to minimise cross sectional area at full throttle and an 8 degree shut angle (shallower than most) gives finer control at small throttle openings.  This kits come built and balanced ready to fit you your engine and win races.

Please note: Standalone Engine Management is required for use.

Jenvey throttle bodies and all throttle body accessories are engineered for Motorsport, offering excellent performance, reliability, lightness and value. This kit is ideal for road, track or rally use.

This Throttle Body kit is assembled to order and the lead time can vary. Estimated dispatch time between 5 to 10 working days.

Picture for illustration purposes only. Actual parts may differ slightly in appearance.