Webcon DCO/SP TPS Kit

£101.94 (+VAT)


The Webcon DCO/SP TPS Kit has been specifically designed to allow you to add a throttle position sensor to your Weber 48 DCO/SP, 50 DCO/SP or 55 DCO/SP carburettor.

By adding a throttle position sensor to your Carburettors, it allows the end user to have full 3D Ignition control (referencing TPS and engine speed rather than just engine speed).

Please note: Standalone engine management is required for use and calibration will be required if you are using a non Alpha system.


  • Pin 1 / Blue: Signal
  • Pin 2 / Red: 5v Ref
  • Pin 3 / Black: Ground

Fitting instructions


Webcon TPS Fitting Instructions

Female 3-Pin Mini Timer Plug & Pin kit is also available separately if required.

This Webcon DCO/SP TPS Kit has recently been redesigned and is now supplied with a short length of loom attached to the sensor. This supersedes the previous type which has been discontinued.

Estimated dispatch time within 3 working days.

Picture for illustration purposes only. Actual parts may differ slightly in appearance.