Antigravity AG1201 Lithium Battery

£219.99 (+VAT)

  • Ultra-Lightweight and High Power Lithium Nano-Phosphate Motorsport Battery
  • Most Compact of Lithium Motorsports Batteries
  • Adhesive backed foam included in box for easy installation
  • Can hold a charge up to a year provided there are no ”Parasitic Drains” (accessories that draw power when the bike is off…such as alarms, ECUs, ipods, GPS , heated grips etc…)
  • Built in the USA to high quality standards with unbreakable terminal design.
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Waterproof

Full specification can be found in the description below:


The Antigravity Batteries AG1201 is an extremely versatile high power and lightweight Lithium Motorcycle/Motorsports battery. It has the capability for large weight reduction in the most compact size in lithium batteries in its class. It has 360 Cranking Amps yet is only 115mm in length, 80mm in width and 108mm in height (to the top of the terminals).

This battery is a great choice for those seeking very high power in a compact battery. It can replace the typical 12 Ah Lead/Acid battery with a weight saving of up to 7 pounds while offering much more cranking power. This battery is best used for applications where extreme weight loss and ultra-compact size are desired.

Antigravity AG1201 Lithium Battery Specification:


  • Size: (L) 115mm x (W) 80mm x (H) 108mm (Height is measured to the top of the terminal bolt heads)
  • Weight: 1.22 Kg

Best uses

  • Capable of everyday use in bikes up to 1100cc (For more capacity and power, please see our listing for the Antigravity AG1601)
  • Race and Track Day use 1500cc
  • Custom builds up to 1200cc. (If using a high-performance motor, please see our listing for the Antigravity AG1601)
  • 4 Cylinder Race Cars up to 1800cc


  • You must only charge lithium batteries with a lithium specific battery charger. The use of any other type of battery charger is likely to damage the battery and invalidate the guarantee.
  • If you use older bikes from the mid 1990’s and earlier you must update the charging systems to a modern voltage regulator. Damaged voltage regulators can over charge and damage lithium batteries.

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