Antigravity Car Battery Fitment & Sizing Guide


Antigravity Automotive Batteries come in most popular standardized BCI sizes that Auto Manufacturers use. This makes them an easy to install direct replacement to the lead/acid battery in your vehicle.

We have found that often customers are confused by the different Battery Sizes available, so Antigravity have made this webpage to try to eliminate confusion.

Before choosing a battery, always double check your battery’s measurement to ensure the proper fit. (On some batteries, the size is written on the manufactures label.) Please Contact us if you have any questions. Below are some basic battery sizing facts for most cars built in the last 15 years.

There are only about 7 Sizes of Batteries used in 90% of Cars today.

So there are not a lot of battery sizes to choose from. What creates confusion is that there are often two names for ONE battery size! For example there are the typical BCI Group Sizes used in the USA, but often the exact same Battery used in a European Car has a different name. For example the “Group48” size as it is called in the USA, is also called the “H6” Size by European Manufacturers.

Most all European Cars use one of 4 battery sizes.

So if you have a European Car your choices will be fairly easy. For example the sizes H5, H6, H7, H8 are used in about 95% of all European cars. Also the European cars can often use ANY of these sizes in the vehicle because the battery mounts are standardized to fit the width (front to back measurement) of these batteries and they are all the same width and height. Only the length (left to right) varies.

Antigravity Battery Sizes:


Used in most modern European or modern American Cars.

All the sizes in the “H” Configuration are the same Width and Height. The only measurement that changes is the Length (left to right dimensions). Additionally these are named as “BCI Group Sizes”. So they have two different names but are the same battery. If you look at the name on your battery you might see one of these two sizes and easily cross reference. For example:

  • H5 is also called Group 47
  • H6 is also called Group 48
  • H7 is also called Group 94R
  • H8 is also called Group 49

The H6 and H7 are essentially interchangeable. These are the most common batteries in modern cars and fit most every European cars. They also fit many of the more modern American cars.


In European Cars, but not as often as “H” sizes

All the sizes of “T” Batteries are the exact same footprint as the “H” Sizes, but they are about 3/4-inch (17mm) lower in height.

  • The T5 is also called Group 96R.
  • The T6 is also called L2.

These models are not used as often in cars as the “H” sizes. (T5 Lithium Car Batteries are coming soon!)

Groups 35 and Group 51R

Used mostly in Japanese Cars and some others.

The Group-35 Battery is also called Q85, and can also work for Group-24; it is just 1-inch less wide. It is often found in Japanese Cars and Trucks from Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Acura, and in some older American Cars.

The Group-51 Battery is found in Hondas, Nissan GTRs, and some other Japanese Cars. It can actually be used as a smaller/lighter version of the Group-35 for racing being it is same height and length, just narrower front to back.

Group 24 and Group 27

The Group 24 and 27 batteries are mostly found in older American Cars, and some Hondas, GMs and will be often used in boats. They are basically the same size except for length.

Antigravity Group-35 batteries can be used in place of a Group-24; it is only 1-inch shorter left to right dimensions.

Check out the comparison chart below for an example of how there are many performance cars using the same size battery (click to enlarge). It also shows how batteries are interchangeable in some cars.

Antigravity Car Battery Vehicle Comparason

Amp Hour Options

Antigravity lightweight Lithium Car Batteries also come in different Amp Hour Capacities. Most of these batteries have a 24Ah, 30Ah, 40Ah and 60Ah option so you can choose what works best for your application. For example if you’re into the biggest weight reduction then our 24Ah in the H5/Group47 size weighs only 8.9 lbs (for racing and performance use only). On the other hand if you want something with a lot of extra capacity you can opt for the 40Ah version which weighs only 15 lbs but is better for a car driven in colder weather, and where you have a lot of extra accessories such as cameras, theft alarms, or radar detectors.

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