ECUMaster 4-Bar MAP Sensor

£45.90 (+VAT)


The ECUMaster 4-Bar MAP Sensor is a cost-effective and accurate automotive-grade 400kPa pressure unit. It translates absolute pressure into an electrical voltage signal and can be used with the full range of ECUMaster Engine Management Systems.

Installation by connecting the 3 terminals (+5V, MAP Out, Ground) to the ECU’s sensor ground. The terminal descriptions are marked on the sensor housing for easy identification (please see pinout below and images for more information).

This ECUMaster 4-Bar MAP Sensor requires installation to the inlet manifold with a 6mm diameter vacuum hose. The sensor needs positioning high in the intake manifold with the nipple pointing downward to protect it against fluid accumulation.


  • 0.20V-20Kpa
  • 4.80V-400Kpa


  • 1: +5v
  • 2: Output
  • 3: Ground

Estimated dispatch time within 3 working days.

Picture for illustration purposes only. Actual parts may differ slightly in appearance.