Millers CTV 20w50 Mini Nanodrive Engine Oil

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Millers CTV Mini 20w50 is specifically formulated for competition Minis and any application where the engine and gearbox share a common oil. Very high performance semi-synthetic competition oil for engines which have their transmission in the sump such as the original Mini. Extra high performance engine oil based on the highest quality performance additives and shear stable viscosity improvers in synthetic and mineral base.

For full details on performance profiles and specifications please refer to the technical data sheet which can be found below:


Millers CTV 20W50 competition semi synthetic Nanodrive transverse engine oil.


Specifically formulated for competition Minis and any application where the engine and gearbox share the same oil, and especially suitable where a limited slip differential is used.

Generally suitable for all gearboxes that specify a 20w-50 engine oil.

Typical Characteristics

  • Density la 15°c, q/ml: 0.889
  • Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C. cSt: 18.0
  • Flashpoint °C: >220

What is Nanodrive?

Nanodrive is the award-winning Millers Oils motorsport brand that incorporates advanced nanopartide technology for high performance applications, where stress on components is at its limit.

How does it work?

In engine and gear oils, Nanodrive technology combines advanced nanoparticles with synthetic technology to greatly reduce friction, protect against wear and maximise power.

Features & Benefits

  • The unique engine and gear oil uses a semi- synthetic base fluid formulation and special additive svstem to provide maximum engine protection along with transmission performance to API GL-4 Level, the normal performance level demanded for gearboxes.
  • Suitable for conventional engines that have heavily loaded skew gears, often due to running high oil pressure
  • Specially designed for classic mini engines and is compatible with older seal types and technology which maintains oil pressure and reduces oil consumption
  • Millers latest additive package technology incorporates high levels of ZDDP* additive for optimum wear protection

*ZDDP – Zinc Dithiophosphate anti-wear additive

Technical Data Sheet


CTV 20w50 Mini Technical Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


CTV 20w50 Mini Safety Sheet

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