Omex 200 Road Spec Wiring Loom

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Road Spec wiring Loom suitable for the Omex 200 Ignition Management System.

A brief summary of the different looms can be found below:

  • Road Spec Minimum Loom: Crank & Ignition Coil Connections
  • Road Spec Basic Loom (NA): TPS, Crank & Ignition Coil Connections
  • Road Spec Basic Loom (turbo): CTS, ATS, MAP, TPS, Crank & Ignition Coil Connections

A full description of the wiring loom options can be found below. Once you are ready to order, please make your selection in the options above.

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An engine bay is a harsh environment for a wiring harness. Temperatures over 100C, vibration, movement of the engine, water, oils and solvents and that is just under normal running conditions. There are also accidental pulls on the cables & connections and impacts of tools onto the cables when servicing. Just one electrical short, poor connection or broken cable is all it takes to stop your engine but you should never have to worry about this as they can all be easily avoided with the road spec wiring loom from Omex Technology’s!

Built to a specification found in premium modern road cars, even up to supercar status, this is a great harness for a road car or trackday car. This wiring harness features lightweight, thin wall automotive grade cable which is used throughout, designed to withstand the oil, solvents and temperatures found in engine bays. Each connector leg is labelled for quick fitment and rubber boots seal the back of connectors to keep the connections clean.

Harness legs close to the ECU are finished in PVC harness tape. All harness legs at the engine end where the harness is at greatest danger from tools etc, are covered in satin finish PVC tubing for extra cut resistance.

This Omex 200 Road Spec Wiring Loom is built in-house by Omex engineers ensuring the attention to detail is the same as the rest of their products, regardless of cost. Quality control checks borrowed from the aerospace industry, then modified to suit their harnesses, ensure that every harness is checked by two engineers to prescribed standards.

The ‘Basic’ design covers everything needed for most N/A engines. ‘Basic turbo loom’ adds a MAP sensor connector, coolant temperature sensor connector and air temperature sensor connector for use with forced induction engines.

We also offer Race spec and customs wiring looms from Omex Technology if you are looking for a more advances wiring solution.

Here at Northampton Motorsport, we also offer a full wiring and fitting service as well as engine calibration on our in house Superflow AD30 2 wheel drive chassis dyno. For more information, please contact us and a member of our team would be happy to assist with your enquiry:

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All Wiring looms are configured to order so the lead times can vary.

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