Life Racing PDUX2 Power Distributor Unit (PDU)

£1,512.00 (+VAT)

The PDUX2 from Life Racing is a high-performance solid state power distribution unit with a total of 16 powered output channels and maximum current capacity of 160A. This includes 4 flexible output drivers which may be configured as high side, low side, or high side PWM, with the ability to soft start electrical loads with closed loop current limitation.


This PDUX2 power managament unit from Life Racing uses logical or numerical inputs from its 12 analogue inputs or from any of 3 CAN buses the PDUX2 is calibrated using a clear graphical interface with full logic simulation ability and live monitoring.

The PDUX2 is able to operate in a low power standby state, drawing <2mA, with configurable activation based on physical or CAN input. Additionally, the PDUX2 may be paired with a Life Racing ECU to expand input and output functionality through the ‘slave-link’ feature.

Life Racing PDUX2 Power Distributor Unit Specification:


  • Schematic based calibration including logic simulation tool
  • Numerical arithmetic including handling of analogue inputs
  • Fully custom CAN across 3 buses including mux frames and retransmission (gateway), configured with the help of a graphical display and import/export tool
  • Low power state woken on physical input, CAN activity, or specific CAN frame
  • Optional I/O slaving to an LR ECU


  • 16 main Power Outputs
    • 4 multifunction high side, low side, high side PWM (fixed 20kHz) outputs (40A continuous, soft-start inrush limiting 35A)
    • 2 high side outputs (35A continuous, hard-start inrush 60A)
    • 10 high side outputs (12A continuous, hard-start inrush 17.5A)
  • Output linking (‘teaming’) to support very high current devices
  • 2 additional low side outputs (125Hz PWM)
  • All outputs short circuit and thermally protected with multi-stage in-rush control
  • All outputs additionally protected by physical fuses as required by worldwide regulations
  • Combined diagnostic output with reset input
  • 128 scaleable CAN (‘soft’) outputs
  • Custom datastream (CAN) – i.e. customisable channel current, channel state and device information


  • 12 physical switch / analogue sensor inputs including software selectable 3k ohm pull-up resistors and 4x inputs capable of programmable “wake up” functionality
  • Analogue inputs may be transformed into engineering units for use in schematic
  • Dedicated wake pin
  • 128 CAN ‘soft’ inputs with configurable scaling, validation and debounce time


  • 2x 100Mbit/s full duplex Ethernet (can be used as Ethernet switch)
  • 3x CAN 2.0B – fully flexible
  • Option for galvanically isolated CAN bus (custom projects only)
  • RS232C serial interface (custom projects only)
  • LIN Bus (custom projects only)

Power Supply

  • 6V to 20V input voltage (12V option) or 6V to 30V input voltage (24V option)
  • Dedicated logic power input
  • Regulated 5V sensor supply output with full circuit protection

Sleep State

  • Low power standby state with configurable wake options:
    • Wake by voltage signal (1.6mA)
    • Wake by any CAN activity (CAN1 only) (2mA)
    • Wake by specific CAN frame (two frames required, CAN1 only) (2mA)
    • Wake by CAN specific CAN frame with low latency (one frame required, CAN1 only) (10mA)

ECU Slaving

  • Allows a Life Racing ECU to “claim” unused pins across a dedicated CAN bus utilising the following PDU I/O:
    • Outputs 1..4 with additional functionality including H-Bridge pairing and configurable PWM frequencies
    • Low Outputs 5..6 with configurable PWM frequencies
    • All 12 inputs, including 4 frequency capable (optionally bipolar), and all with software selectable 3k ohm pull-up resistors


  • 1 Leavyseal connector with a total of 62 pins
  • Amphenol SurLok Power Stud
  • Machined Aluminium enclosure
  • 145x135x50mm (including connectors)
  • 750 grams
  • Operating Temperature -40C to +85C

Warranty and Servicing

  • This equipment comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and failures however misuse or damage will not be covered under warranty

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Download PDUX2 Data Sheet

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