Millers CVL Extra 500ml

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Millers CVL Extra (replacement for CVL Turbo) is a valve seat lubricant and combustion enhancer that protects against valve seat recession. CVL Extra provides flame control, allowing engines to run more advance ignition timing, without the danger of pre-ignition or detonation. Specially formulated for high stress motorsport and track day events.

For full details on performance and specifications, please refer to the description and technical data sheets below:


Millers CVL Extra octavin booster, competition valve lubricant and combustion enhancer.


  • One bottle (500 mls) to 20 litres [maximum] unleaded petrol for all motorsport applications
  • Precise treatment levels should be determined by test bed experimentation

Storage Instructions

  • Avoid strong direct light and heat

Performance Profile

  • For maximum benefit use in conjunction with premium, higher octane unleaded fuel
  • Millers CVL Extra is used by an increasing number of engine builders to compensate for the deterioration in pump fuel

Typical characteristics

  • Specific Gravity @ 15°0: 0.910
  • Flashpoint °C: >62
  • Colour: Pale Yellow Liquid

Features & Benefits

  • Adds up to 4 octane numbers to base fuel.
  • Enables older competition engines to run on unleaded fuel
  • Proven chemistry protects against valve seat recession.
  • Provides similar flame front control as lead, thereby enabling engines to run more advanced ignition timing without danger of pre-ignition or detonation.
  • Mixes with leaded, unleaded, lead replacement petrol, and other fuels containing octane enhancing additives including oxygenates such as ethanol and MTBE.
  • Equally effective in modern engines fitted with knock sensors and catalytic convertors.
  • Protects against the corrosive effects of ethanol found in modern E5 and E10 unleaded petrol

Technical Data Sheet


CVL Extra Technical Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


CVL Extra Safety Sheet

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