Second Lambda

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Life Racing Second Lambda is a Build Time Choice suitable for Life Racing Engine Control Units.

This build time choice allows the use of two NTK Wideband sensors so the ECU can trim fuelling individually on each bank of cylinders.  This would normally be most relevant on a V configuration engines. It is also applicable on a straight 6 engine where the front 3 cylinders would be considered bank 1 and the rear 3 would be bank 2. In the Life Cal software, you can select which units you wish the view the wideband input in,  Lambda, Alcohol AFR, Diesel AFR, Petrol AFR and LPG AFR.

This is a general and simplified overview of one of the advanced strategies available within the Life calibration software. The control software has been developed at the highest levels of professional motorsport. It gives the calibration engineer all the tools needed to get the absolute best from your power train package. The software is under continual development so please feel free to talk to a member of our technical team for more information.

This Second Lambda Control upgrade can only be purchased alongside a new Life Racing F88R ECU. Unlike Upgrade Features, Build Time Choices are additional hardware features that have to be specified at time of ordering. As they are physical components added to the ECU board they cannot be added at a later date.

Second Lambda Compatibility:

Its important to note that not every Build Time Choice is compatible with all Life Racing F88R ECU’s. Please see compatibility list below.

As stated above, this Build time choice is an additional upgrade that can only be added at the time of initial ECU purchase. All Life Racing Engine Control Units can be purchased thorough our website and are fully configurable. Please see our range of Life Racing Engine Management Systems where you can choose your Build Time Choices along with your ECU.