Adaptive Knock Control

£277.00 (+VAT)


Life Racing Adaptive Knock Control is an upgrade feature suitable for Life Racing Engine Control Units.

This advanced strategy allows the use of up to 2 knock sensors which can identify engine detonation or knock and is particularly relevant for forced induction engines or highly tuned normally aspirated engines. The strategy knows which cylinder or cylinders is knocking and will retard the ignition on the relevant cylinders only until the knock stops.  It will then reintroduce the ignition in steps. The retard and reintroduction steps are timed in engine cycles so are very fast and not noticeable by the driver. This strategy is normally set to retard ignition timing to allow you to run your engine with the optimum ignition timing with the knowledge that the ECU is there to protect the engine should knock occur. (Please note the engine has to be in 720 sync and knock control set up properly for this to work).

This is a general and simplified overview of one of the advanced strategies available within the Life calibration software.  The control software has been developed at the highest levels of professional motorsport and gives the calibration engineer all the tools needed to get the absolute best from your power train package.  The software is under continual development so please feel free to talk to a member of our technical team for more information.

This Adaptive Knock Control upgrade can either purchased alongside a new Life Racing F88 or F90 ECU. Unlike Build Time Choices, this upgrade feature can be added after purchase. If you already have a Life Racing ECU and would like to purchase this Upgrade Feature, you would be required to post us your ECU. Unfortunately, adding an upgrade feature is not a service we can offer remotely.

Adaptive Knock Control Compatibility:

Its important to note that not every upgrade is compatible with all Life Racing ECU’s. Please see compatibility list below.

Postage is charged on this upgrade feature which covers the return postage of your ECU. If this upgrade is purchased with an ECU, the postage charge is removed at the checkout.

For upgrades where the ECU is not purchased at the same time, the lead time is within 5 working days once your ECU is received. We will contact you after purchase with delivery and postage instructions.